About Us


Youth TelevisionIn 1999, the Dominion Foundation, Inc. created its own 24-hour Christian television channel just for kids and teens – KTV / Kids and Teens Television. KTV features life-changing programming aired with the intention of transforming the face of an entire generation of children and bringing about a positive transformation in our nation and world.

KTV’s goal was to allow for creation and distribution of “safe” children’s programming free from violence and packed with Bible-based principles and values. Knowing that secular media was continuing to develop children’s programming that did not include important value lessons, Dominion launched KTV to assure that Christian values would be protected and readily available for families that want Christian teaching, wholesome media and family-friendly entertainment in their home.

KTV offers a variety of FAVE-KIDZ℠ programming that’s carefully selected to appeal to each age group, including cartoons, animated shows, talk shows, Christian music videos, dramas, and musicals, as well as shows centered on creationism, social issues, history, as well as health and fitness.



The Angel One* network is your premier channel for faith-centered television. Watch and listen to some of today’s leading evangelists like Joyce Meyer, Dr. Charles Stanley, and Jim Bakker.

For more information please visit the Angel One website: www.AngelOne.tv